Why It's Okay To Start Again

It's me. Hi, I'm back. 

I haven't written for a long time. I mean, obviously I write almost daily, but I mean I haven't wrote anything for a good while. As you're reading this you might be looking around and thinking bitch, what the fuck as you realise this is the first post on my blog and what I'm saying here makes it sound like I've wrote a frickin novel. 

I intended to start writing again in 2017 after leaving my blog in a bit of a chaotic mess last year, in the charming way I do most things in my life, I just half-arsedly winged the entire thing. Right, I said to myself, I'm gonna turn on my laptop and smash out some pure gold to redeem what is essentially a massive shit show. But somehow, in what can only be described as some sort of massive brain fart moment, I logged into blogger and thought 'do you know what, I'm just gonna start again' and then before I could talk myself out of it I'd deleted 387 posts spanning almost 5 years of my life. 

So that's it then, five whole years worth of stuff just gone. Truthfully I could smack myself in the back of the head for not saving some of my favourite posts, but I can't go crying over spilled milk now because no matter how many times I randomly smash my fists off the keyboard and hiss profanities at the screen they're not coming back. Thankfully, seeing my ugly, naked little fetus blog looking like internet afterbirth had the desired effect and has made me want to make it, well, less shit. 

Christmas has left me feeling like the human equivalent of a sausage roll and with no immediate plans to venture out of my house and recoil in horror at the outside world it's about time I did something productive with my time that doesn't involve watching sky movies or eating leftover chocolate. And although 'stop being a lazy bitch and get your shit together' isn't actually one of my new years resolutions, it is a decent starting point because lets face it, no one really wants to be a lazy bitch who has her shit everywhere. 

It's a bit daunting starting everything again. It's been almost a year since I actually blogged properly, I don't even know if anyone is interested in what I have to say anymore. I'd built up momentum and got myself a tidy little following before I took a nosedive into blogging obscurity. I'm cracking my fingers like lets get shit done, lets start blogging again, but all in all it might just end up like a shit comeback single that nobody ends up buying. 

That would be wank. But I've got itchy fingers (is that a thing?) and I want to write again, and it seems logical to slap it on the internet where people might want to read it rather than in a diary where no one could read it even if they wanted to. 

I'm a messy bitch and I'm unorganised and the idea of a schedule for blogging makes me laugh because I know the second I finish making it I'll forget all about it, so it sounds like a grand old waste of time to me. The only thing I can really promise is to give it my best whack and post as regularly-ish as I can manage. Personally, I think that sounds decent.

I don't really have my own niche. Like I said, I have the whole messy bitch aesthetic going on and that includes being wholly indecisive about what I want to write about. In the past I've went from writing about beauty, to fashion and then lifestyle and personal essays. I like writing a bit of everything, which I suppose is the blogging norm these days. 

So if you want beauty reviews, stories about the time I vomited on the living room carpet (there are several of these), travel posts, reviews of shitty restaurants and likely a whole load of other crap slapped in between that I would recommend sticking around. 
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